Nolan Mercer - Illustrator
Nolan Mercer



As an artist trying to open doors I’m always looking to try different creative approaches and explore ideas that aren’t always for commercial purposes. I think it’s really important to be constantly creating personal projects in order to not burn out or fall into a repetitive rut of the same content or approach to my artwork. Sometimes there will be an idea that springs to mind as I’m trying to fall asleep and I know THIS idea needs to happen somehow. Or I hear a song lyric that really resonates with me and I want to illustrate that in my own way. It’s all about keeping my mind active and the self-motivation flowing even when there isn’t much work happening. My video editing is still a work in progress but Procreate is a wonderful thing with its automatic capturing of what you create. It’s a great app. It seems everyone likes to see the progression of things, artwork included, so these are some portrait drawings of people that inspire me or just for friends.