Nolan Mercer - Illustrator
Nolan Mercer



“Emerging Spec,” questions the intentions of big-name companies by focusing on what their potential ownership over emerging technologies might be. With their own motives in mind, these unlikely pairings may influence the world in ways we hadn’t imagined.

Uber acquires robot priests for many blessings and many stars.

McDonalds uses lab grown meats. From just one tissue sample they can produce 80k lab grown patties.

Walmart acquires autonomous bees to save the world.

S.E.T.I. (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) uses artificial embryos to finally discover life on mars.

Apple uses genetic fortune telling to sell products to people with a higher predisposition to nicotine addiction. Cigarette residue voids the warranty.

Google adopts the social credit system and uses google home to monitor routines, good and bad.

Under Armour integrates their clothing with spider silk. The silk is claimed to be stronger than steel.

Netflix utilizes sensing cities to cater to viewers on the go.

Nike uses Duelling Neural Networks to Have AIs generate the newest designs.